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Dear all....

Remember my hopeful post about being a vendor for the WWRF? I was going to be showing and selling pieces from my Silver Leaves Collection (mostly)....pieces that look like this...

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A lot of people asked me to post an update about how things went. Well, I'll spare you the rant/whimperage about that disaster, but suffice to say, because of the failure of others to do their jobs, my work was never shown or sold. I've gotten my package back from FedEx, and am hoping to cut my losses by auctioning off the pieces that aren't already spoken for. Please see my gallery journal to view the pieces up for auction, and, if you're willing, spread the SilverLeaf love, and promote my auction wherever and to whoever you think it might be appreciated!

Much oblidged..

~ Rhiannon, resident starving artist
Tomorrow marks a momentous occasion...a new Renaissance Faire opens!

The NorthEast (of the US) will no longer be Faire-deprived during the loooong Winter months. Tomorrow (Saturday), February 11th, between noon and midnight, Edison, NJ will set the stage for this adult-oriented extravaganza. Fear not, the snow! The Faire will be held in a convention center, and things will be kept plenty heated up, inside. Everything that you love about RenFests will be there (except the dusty trails through the woods), from food to vendors to performers...but the latter two won't have to restrain themselves to "child-safe" show and tell, as it were.

Why am I so excited about this, even though I'm stuck in the wrong part of the country? Because tomorrow marks a momentous occasion for me, as well, since I will be a vendor at said Faire! I won't be able to be there (o, woe!), but some of my jewelry will be. This marks the first time that my silverwork is available to the general public, since up until this point, I have been working purely on a custom-commission basis. I am very, very excited...and very, very anxious. Ok, petrified. But giddy, too. Basically, my brain is a blendered mix of several flavors of adrenaline.

It's an amazing opportunity for me, a heck of a testing ground for my business, and potentially a tiny flash of light at the end of a long, dark financial tunnel, for my family. Or, it could be a disaster. **GULP** I'm trying to keep my thoughts focused on wild n' crazy hopes for selling out, garnering a lot of commissions, and spreading my wonderful reputation. I'm told my work is up to par with or well beyond that of assorted bigwig expensive designers...but they stand a class apart, because their names are KNOWN. Well a Faire will certainly kick up the speed of the word of mouth I've largely been relying on....and if, beyond the adoration and patronage of the masses (ha ha), I can earn the respect and consideration of other Faires, then...Oh! What a happy Rennie I will be! Naturally, all prayers, well-wishing, candle-lighting, good-vibe-sending, and other such goodwill would be greatly appreciated. For a great deal more fun for yourselves, you could think those good thoughts at me while attending the Faire yourselves. Come on...I know some of you are close enough. ;-)

Money and time worked against my sending more, but I still managed to send a decent amount....

For a preview of the work that I sent, look under here. Be warned, this is VERY image heavy...Collapse )
Magic moments of natural beauty, trapped and treasured...Collapse )

The stark beauty of Winter brings with it many occasions to let yourself shimmer and shine. 'Tis the season to honor beauty that doesn't fade -- your own, or that of a loved one -- with something truly special. Anyone can dazzle in mass-marketed glitter, but what kind of indulgence is that? My Silver Leaves Collection are all original and custom designs, hand-made using fine silver, gemstones, and replicas of natural leaves. No two are exactly alike, so each piece is as special and distinct as the recipient. Almost any kind of piece is possible, with almost any kind of stone...but leaves are now limited until the Spring. Contact me now to discuss commissioning pieces in time for the assorted Winter holidays.

See My Butterfly Rose Creations Gallery for information, details, and more recent examples of my work.

(Crossposted hither and tither, because I've got a husband and baby to help support, and this year I want to be able to send my friends presents, dangit!)


hello there, I just joined this community :) i'm kind of new to LiveJournal, so it might take me a little while to figure things out. Anywho, i'm looking forward to sharing my experiences, and listening to what everyone has to say.

I don't write fanfics or stories, as it looks like some of you do. No, most of my 'dreaming' as they call it is done in my head. When I write, the words never seem to express the volume of the emotion i'm feeling, the exact way I picture things, or my true feelings. All of it is done in my head, although this can be tricky, as time to time I start to mix up what is 'real', and what is 'fantasy'.

But who decides what is 'real'? My emotions and thoughts are 'real', aren't they? So why can't my dreams also be?

Ah, how we all wish for things that the rest of the world tells us is impossible ;)
I just joined the community, thought i'd introduce myself. My name is Kriss (Kristi) and i'm nealry 18. I swear i will make a serious post later but i'm kinda tired so i can't come up with anything too much but i do have contributions.

What's up?

I just joined this community and it sounds like a blast! I look forward to being able to post/read some cool stuff! So then do you do like exactly what the description says then? If you don't what exactly do you guys post?

For love of shooting stars...

Where are the Dreamers who walk this world but refuse to be limited by it? Where are those who feel they belong in other places, other ages? Where are the romantics, the kindred, the spiritual, the magickal? Where are those who lavish in fantasy, in arcana, in the natural, the celestial, the medieval, the Renaissance, the Celtic lands, lore and legend, mythology and memory? Where are the old-world goths of dark beauty, of velvet and stone? Where are the fae spirits, the moon-dancers, the forest-wanderers, the wind-singers? Where are those who feel they've found their place in the world once they are at RenFests, or Faires, the SCA or RPGs? Where are you?

I know you're out there. After all, I am. And I'm trying so hard to bring a little more of the wonder of the world I'd rather be living in, into the world of mundane logistics that I'm stuck in. I'm trying to take the muddle of questions...of health, time, family, finances, sanity...and answer it in a way that allows me to meet all those needs with who I am, not just what I can do...and share it. Share it with the rest of you...the friends, those who could be friends, those who simply share the same kind of fondness for the world and its potentials. Those who have been yelling into my head until I heard echoes of confidence that...I can do this.

I can start my own small business based on my artisanship, based on my personality, based on who I am and what I love and how I see the world. Butterfly Rose Creations can be another dream made more than a dream. And it's the sort of dream I can share.

But the yelling has faded to whispers now that I've started making my little declaration to the world, and few seem to want to stand by what was said. Would you take a look? Would you share with me what you make of what you find? Will you help me add a little more beauty, a little more meaning, to the world we're all lost and found in?


Some of you know me, know what I offer in friendship, advice, information or ideas. Some of you might simply remember my offer of DragonMoons previously. Now I am running two new auctions (yes, EBay auctions, I admit it...but I'm desperate), here and here. The first is of a chain-maille styled choker and matching earrings, featuring shiny stainless steel rings, fittings, and cascading chain, and blue stone stars. The second is of a matching hand-flower/slave bracelet (a bracelet that extends over the back of the hand to at least one finger). Both are hand-made, original designs on a shooting star theme. (This is, after all, about passionate wishes.) Both are feminine yet not fragile, both durable and beautiful, professional but not standardized. The auctions have about 3 days and 20 hours left.

Some of the images can be found here belowCollapse )

Ah yes.. I'm totally bonkers.

So I wrote this fan fic right?

Confessions of a Mary-Sue

It's not even done.

But I created this:

Yet here me and my friends have started this.

thornhold the_abyss

Based upon it.

Yeah, insane much?

I'll take my staight jacket in purple please.

Imagination gone wild

My brain runs all over the place, literally. Sometimes it will pop out of my skull and go running around the conference table screaming at the top of it's lungs while we're in a meeting - and no one else will see it because it's /my/ brain after all.. Anyways ;]

My latest bit of imaginary fun was like something out of the Man-Kzin wars, letting my manager loose on a 'preserve' which happened to look like work (his 'natural habitat' you know..) and getting to hunt him down and present him with an untimely demise. Except while where the Kzintosh are 'anthro' so to speak.. my little daydreams aren't. Quite fun considering what a hell he's made my life lately. :]

Sanity is being able to control the urge to leap at someone and rip their throat out with your teeth like a wild animal ;]

Buffy the RPG!

Just wondering if anyone else got/is going to get/is interested in getting the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game? We just got the Core Rulebook (one of my Christmas presents, yes, I'm bad for opening early, heh)- and we've been making up our characters and such, and will likely play with it this week.

It looks like a lot of fun! We've got details for the campaign worked out and everything.