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Who am I This Time?

Title of one of my favorite Vonnegut stories.

Well, I'm Laura, or as most people tend to call me 'L' (pronounced, non surprisingly, 'El').

I'm the author of quite a few little interesting bits of poetry, fiction, and a budding novel (145 pages so far).

I also do articles, but they're not quite as interesting or fictional as my other fiction. Really.

Got a few poetry anthology and journalistic publications to my name, but they're unimportant.

My husband and I run an IRC roleplaying game, and have our own system (Arcane Roleplayers Consortium- abreviated ARC). If you're really curious, it's up at www.labarc.com . Most of my creative fictions come from playing characters in the ARC universe, primarily, in a little world called Nexus.

I do tend to write short stories set in other little universes of my creation.

I do a lot of writing for Neopets in the Neopian Times as well, because I tend to enjoy that little addictive virtual pets game. 57 pieces published thusfar.

I don't write fan fiction of any sort though, because I cannot stand using someone else's characters. It reminds me a bit of reaching into another person's hamper and putting on their underwear for the day. I've always like to create my own original characters and worlds.

My novel is a vampire fiction, set in modern times. The way that vampirism is treated is different than traditional mythology, though, in a few ways. It's caused by a virus called Sanguinia that is infectious in much the same way lychantrophy is infectious. There are various stages of the infection. Some vampire legends are true in my little world, some aren't. There are also inate spellcasters, called Magi, who play a promintate role in the story. The novel is called Shades of Grey, and will be the first in a series of novels, if I'm lucky. =)

I kind of tend to enjoy the real world. I'm happily married, with three kids. I like to write, and pretend that I can draw on occasion (I can't, really, but it's fun). But I do think that fantasy writing, roleplaying, and other such things play an important part in my life. Creativity helps us in many ways.

Well, that's about all I've got to say, other than 'hi!'


So I shall introduce myself.

I'm Silence, or Sil if you will. I'm the original Uber Goddess, (theres 3 of us so far and only I can deem others the title..lol)

So I'll tell you a bit about my little fantasy world.. it's a giant combination of a comic book and fan fic crossovers on crack. lol

I also use my demented mind and day dreams as fan fic to help me escape from the 'real world' and it's annoyances.

Lock me up in a cage baby, but don't expect me to stay. My male harem will break me out!! *gloms Legolas*

Ok.. so someone break the ice :]

Cause I'm not gonna. I'm a total chicken (turns over the 'token guy' label) See? says right there.


I guess I'm the token guy now :]

First posting.

You may have beat me to joining first sistah goddess, but I shall post first! ;p

So yeah, ha! *skips away with her male harem*


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